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Can your business be genuinely described as one of The Cotswolds Finest?

At Cotswold's Finest we recognise the fact that potential customers when faced with an internet directory of hundreds and in some cases thousands of choices of varying quality in any one sector the only choice they make is to leave the site. Click here to receive 2017 special rates

What is Cotswold's Finest?
Cotswold's Finest is exactly that, a definitive online guide of the very best products and services this delightful area has to offer. This is the 3rd site in the Finest Websites Limited range of 3 websites which also includes:

For Cornwall's Finest Click Here

For Devon's Finest Click Here

Is it another internet directory?
No, there are no free listings and our entire collection is there because of client commitment, reputation or by customer request.

Does that mean that there will not be a similar business to my own on the site?
It is unlikely that more than a handful of similar businesses are likely to be based in the same geographical area. There may however be "hot spots" in particular sections as competition breeds excellence.

Who decides who appears on Cotswold's Finest?
We offer the opportunity for customers who have used our client's products and service the ability to vote for those who they feel can genuinely be classed as Somerset's Finest.

Can I advertise my business with Cotswold's Finest?
We require only the finest quality products and services on the site. Please contact us today to see if you qualify.

I already have a web site!
With a link from Cotswold's Finest
to your own site, we will funnel qualified customers to your door

I don't have a web site!
Cotswolds Finest is the ideal "toe in the water" before making the leap to your own web site.

How will you promote
We are embarking on an aggressive online marketing campaign including sponsored links on "Google", regional advertising in magazines and on radio. Furthermore Cotswolds Finest is one of several of the "Finest Websites Limited" range of internet sites including Cornwall’s, Somerset’s, Devon’s and Dorset’s Finest.

Can I change my advertisement if I wish?
Depending on the package you choose you may be able to change text and pictures on your advertisement free.

How will Cotswolds Finest help me with any special promotions or offers I may have?
As part of our ongoing service, there will be the opportunity to highlight your forthcoming events, special offers and promotions as often as you wish.

How will you notify me of the traffic to my advert and keep me in touch with its progress?
As a valued client, you will be notified of all salient points regarding the sites performance on request.

Will I be kept informed of my customer's comments and votes?
We will also notify you with your own customer's votes and comments privately both positive and negative. Out of compliments and criticism comes excellence!

How much does the service cost?
We have 3 advertising packages available. All of the above for a one -off annual payment depending on the number of categories chosen.

No Hidden fees or charges. All updates and changes FREE of CHARGE

How do I apply?
Contact the Cotswolds Finest today on 01296-682294 local tariff, or Click here to receive 2017 special rates

Copy Write of Licensed Images
Finest Websites Limited & The Finest Group designs adverts by taking images from our advertiser’s websites and our own library of licensed images. We cannot be held liable for any legal action taken by a third party for any images taken from the advertisers own websites that are unlicensed or copy write of a third party. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to insure that all images used for purpose of advertising are free of any such liability.

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